Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I had put it off because of the stress and worry it creates, but no more.  I vowed to do it.  I called.  I was polite and friendly and made the appointment.  I didn't ask anyone to go with me.  I knew I could do this ... alone.  I took the toddlers to the vet... at the same time.

This is not something regularly practiced since Winston usually sits and yells ( it sounds like a sour, broken fire truck) at everyone in the office or attempts to remodel the facility during his wait time.  I have often had to take him to the car so when his time is due, they text or call and I rush in, rush out... scream/demolition free.  Today, I braved the odds and packed them both up.  They were groggy and sleepy so getting them to the car was like taking candy from a baby.  My soft voice and warm cuddles got them there and when that door shut, it was like a moment in a horror film where the stupid teens realize they have just gotten in to a room with one door and no windows and the "axe-man cometh". Winston's eyes went wide and he began to tremble.  Birdie sat stone still.

We arrived easily enough.  I cooed and soothed and told them I understood.  I hate the doctor too but it's important lalala.   Winston begged every driver that passed us to help him.  Birdie sat.

I checked us in after taking them for a stroll around the snow drifts so Winston could sign his name.  He loves to dot those "i's" .  They smiled and said his name like most people do "WWWIN-ston" he wiggles and smiles and usually blows his nose on people and they find this cute.  I find it damp.  So Birdie followed me, hopped up on the bench and sat next to me.  WWWINston hopped up, crawled through the planters, knocked over the paper adds and several window knickknacks and blew his nose a lot.  He then crawled on to the bench NEXT to ours and did the same; smelling all the flowers and rooting like a pig.  One of the techs came and said his name which drew him out of the planters and into her lap then he followed her into her office and rooted in her trash, her desk.. the whole time she laughed and rubbed him. I cleaned up, pulled his lead and apologized as fast as I could... while...

Birdie sat and looked around fearfully but never left my side.

"Time for weigh in" came the chirp from another tech.  I got up and Birdie followed.  WWWINston charged over and jumped on the scale and began to dance, promptly sending himself into a raging coughing fit which ended in a lugee on their scale.  "Awwwwww...WWWINston" was what I heard.   He jumped off.  Jumped on.  Got weighed.  Now it was Birdie's turn.  In soft, coaxing voices we led her to the mat.  She sat down and looked at me. I smiled and rubbed her shoulders, assuring her it was okay.   WWWINston jumped on and smacked his sister.  She wound up to absolutely shred his face, but didn't.  She just sat.  We were led back to our room.  Guess who was first?


We got in and he began to snort and snot and promptly piddled on the wall and pooped in the middle of the room.  Nice entrance.  I cleaned up after him and then the techs began to come in.... "I heard WWWINston and Birdie were here!  Do you mind if I come in and... Ohhhhhh WWINston!!!!!! Hey Buddy! Who's a good boy ... Ohhhh I love you... yes and yes and ohhhhh....." and he would wiggle and smile and blow his nose and snort.  Then softly they would turn to Princess Grace... "Hello Miss Birdie... Lovely....Pretty girl...." and she sat.  Looking at me.

It was time for the nitty gritties so up on the table went the unflappable WWWINSton.  He got in everyone's face, licked each item that came near him; testing for flavor and snackability.  He snorted and blew his nose.  Everyone laughed and wiped their ... faces, tools, instruments, shirts... He IS a clown and he is one of the friendliest happiest dogs I've ever owned.  He would get into the "Free Candy" van and somehow make it home safely ... you know what I mean?

Birdie... sat.  Once she whined and I felt her tremble slightly when the doctor came in.  When it was her turn they asked if they could handle her.  "Sure. No problem.  Just so she sees me at all times.  She won't give you a lick of trouble." So WWWINston was set loose and I put her on the table.  I spoke gently to Jackie-O of the K-9 world as she never took her eyes off me.  "Good girl.  Pretty.  You're all right..." I whispered as I touched her face and stroked her tummy.   They checked her tumor and other what-nots.  They spoke softly to her; around her.  She did just fine.  My Nubian Princess.

But WWWINston was not about to be outdone.  Ohhhh no.  He stood up and smacked not just MY legs, but the Doc's.  Then he jumped up on the stool.  This would have been fine if it hadn't been on wheels which promptly sailed across the little room into the desk containing all the cookies. Winston almost shrieked with joy.  Imagine! SNACKS ! FLYING AT YOU!!! I'd be pretty excited.  "Oh hey WHOA there cowboy..." Doc laughed put him on the floor.  She bent to get some equipment and he was right there... literally in the drawer snorting and pawing... just helping out, you know? She laughed some more (I think I heard a snort) and grabbed some crunchy cookies, broke them into pieces and threw them all over the floor.  Most dogs would have been occupied for a while.  Not WWWINston.  Nope.  He basically opened his mouth and sucked them all up, burped and sneezed forcing me to get the roll of paper towels to clean up. (I think it's sad I know right where they are and am not afraid to get them myself.  I am NOT a prima-donna dog owner).  He sat on the floor for a moment until he tooted, scared himself and sauntered off to attempt to whiz on the tree in the corner.

Birdie sat.  She put her paw on my arm.  Only once did she look at the doctor.  It must have been her famous "stink eye" look because doc pulled back.  I reached in and talked softly.  She sighed and looked back to me.

There were three techs in that room when there is usually one.  But everyone just comes in to play with my dogs.  They whisked them away for their blood work and I sat quietly.  I heard laughter and snorting.  Birdie came back and sat on my lap.  I felt another small tremble.  All was finished for my bulldozer and elegant lady.

Out to the counter we went to schedule followups and such.  WWWINston tried to crawl under the door to get into the office with the girls.  This act squished his face and stretched his eyes wider.  He snorted so they knew what he wanted.  "Awwwww...."  They took him in, cooing and snuggling my piglet.  Birdie sat.  A Dalmatian walked in and WWWINston lost control.  He started to scream and cry and moan.  I hustled payment and appointments and turned to my little ones.

"Go home."

They bolted for the door, WWWINston not realizing I had to open it.  Thank GOD his face is already smashed in.  I took them out and to the car.  We drove home.  WWWINston jumped out when we arrived and marked everything he could find.  He dashed around the yard and made himself have to poop again.  Birdie waited at the door.  We all came in, got treats and WWWINston went to bed, snoring like a chainsaw.  Birdie waited until I sat down (she followed me through every step I made from cooking to bathroom breaks) at which time, a huge sigh escaped her and she fell asleep.  She's still snuggled up in my coat, snoring in the late day sunlight as it crawls around the house and peeks in the windows to make sure all went okay.

It's been a long day for my toddlers.

Well hello there.  Just had a good day (overall) and wanted to share it with you.  You know how the toddlers are!  Always good for a story.  Love those pooches!  Have a good day.  I'm glad you stopped by for a smile; no matter how small.

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